Our new friend Bumble B invited us to join him for an eclectic barbecue gathering at North Boulder Park. Sometime after the sun set, the instruments climbed out of their cases and into our hands, and we began to play. A few people appeared out of the darkness to hear the music, listening and dancing, and before long we had a gig being planned for the next night. Not long after that, a police woman arrived due to a noise complaint. Before she asked us to stop, she listened while we sang to her… “Put a little love in your heart…. it’s not about you and me, it’s about us…”

Free Life Family Update!

We are stoked to announce Sage Gray as the newest member of the Free Life, playing bass and contributing to arrangement! He has his own (completely awesome) musical project, which you should definitely check out at the link above, and listen to this brother’s powerful tunes.

Check out this live performance of “Yeah!” from a couple months ago at the Railyard Performance Center! We’ll be playing there again in May and June, so come out and get down on the best dance floor in Santa Fe! RVSP to the Facebook events in the sidebar!

"Alohi might very well become the voice of a new more enlightened generation. His positive message music awakens a spirituality that transcends religion, culture and false boundaries."

Guru Ganesha

Founder of Spirit Voyage Record Label

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